Vintage Compressors

Compression isn't actually an "effect", but a simple dynamic volume attenuation, sometimes complemented with clean sustain addiction. Here's some OTA type compression pedals, based on the CA3080 chip, that contradict the "simple volume attenuation" theory, as these can color guitar tone in a beautiful way. ROSS COMPRESSOR
The Ross Compressor has long been admired as one of the finest compressors produced and considered as the "holy grail" of compressors. Accordingly, it is also one of the most copied, cloned, and modified compressors out there. "The Ross is warm, full, and can color your sound. You can achieve uber-sustain with these, too" (...) The compression on this pedal is very musical and it sounds great either before or after dirt. Made in the US in 1978.  WAY HUGE Saffron Squeeze MK1
Compressor/Sustainer pedal hand-build by Jeorge Tripps (recently reissued by Dunlop). The SS Mk I was deliciously smooth, just like it’s inspiration Ross Compressor. Very rare pedal, only 300 units were made in the USA! This is the nr. 247.  LOCO BOX The Choker
The Choker uses the same CA3080 chip as the original Ross compressor which is also used in the MXR Dyna Comp and more recently the Keeley Compressor but the Choker is voiced differently than these examples. It sounds more Hi-Fi (taken from The GigRig). "(...) an incredible sounding foot compressor (...)", as Jason Falkner has once said. Made in Japan, 70's.

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