Vintage Flangers

You know that “whooshing” sound of a jet plane taking off? 
Flanger effect doubles the signal, one part remains unchanged and the second is very slightly delayed. So it's a time based effect? Yes, that's true...or, half-true, since only half signal is processed in time.
These five wonderful pedals have, at least, two things in common; The same SAD1024 bucket brigade device (BBD) chip inside and the fact that they belong to Stratgear collection. BOSS BF-1
Without knowing what a Flanger actually was, Boss managed to come up with the BF-1 in 1977. It was released only 3 months before the launch of the compact pedal series but it was still chosen to use the enclosure inherited from older Roland pedals like the AS-1 (Sustainer), AP-2 (Phaser) and AF-60 (Fuzz).
The BF-1 was sold from August 1977 to October 1980.  ROSS FLANGER
Vintage flanger pedal made by ROSS during the late 70's, early 80's. It has has four RC4558 chips and one Reticon SAD1024 chip, inside.  The Ross R60 Flanger definitely has a 'classic' sort of sound, consisting of a good amount of a warmth and fullness to the sound.  VOX 1902 Flanger
Vox flanger model 1902 from early 80’s with a beautiful warm, fully analog sound from gentle sweeps to heavy psych flange madness. It shares the circuit board of the Guyatone's 'Moving Box' flanger. GUYATONE PS-107 Moving Box
(The same as the VOX 1902) DOD Flanger 640
Vintage late 70's USA made flanger pedal, "script- logo" earlier version. Also based on the Bucket-Brigade Device (BBD).

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