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162,60 €

This effected pedal is a spring reverb with an analog oscillation + bit crusher an it works perfectly with guitar, bass, synth and basically every kind of instrument...

251,22 €

If you’re on a quest that takes you far from home, you can’t be weighed down. You never know when you’ll need to duck under a laser cannon, or fight a giant eyeball,...

264,23 €

DRY: Clean Level (-∞/ +6Db)
OCTAVE D: Sub Octave Level(-∞/ +6Db)
SYNTH: Synth Level (-∞/ +6Db)...

239,84 €

Revolving speaker cabinet is one of the highest revered musical devices, but recreating it soundwise in the pedal form is quite a challenge. We spent countless hours...

313,01 €

This percussive ambient machine consists in 2 effects in 1 pedal unit, and it’s something that we dreamed about for a very long time here at AC noises due our true...

166,67 €

Starla is a synthesis of two precisely combined electronics. It is a superb sound quality analog tremolo controlled by a versatile digital tap tempo microprocessor via...

150,41 €

This effect is built to recreate the sound of the famous "vibrato channel" of the vintage Fender® amplifiers. It is not a digital effect. The sound from the pedal is...

150,41 €

The vintage Magnatone amps were known for having that amazing wobbly sound, from discreet low intensity effects that makes an instrument mix well into the sound of a...

The Deep Oggin
223,58 €

The DEEP OGGIN was designed as a collaboration with DAN COGGINS (Former LOVETONE Pedal designer) as his first modulation pedal design since his Lovetone pedal days....

Vibe Machine™ V-2
267,48 €

Quando se liga o Vibe Machine V-2, a guitarra funde-se num rodopiante espaço tridimensional, habitado por incríveis vibrações harmónicas e texturas atmosféricas. Está...