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RSH-03 Rowland S. Howard

Rowland S. Howard’s signature sound was very much about his Fender Jaguar hitting a MXR distortion+ and going into a cranked Fender Twin Reverb amp with lots of...

Frazz Dazzler (V2)

In the outer recesses of space lays Zeta-6 quadrant's largest junkyard. Here, gravity-challenged junkers float about rubbing their rusted hulls together, while the...

Germanium Dirt

This is a sister model to the successful Reuss 'Old Black Shoe' pedal, based on the same old LM308 'metal can' IC, but replacing the hybrid clipping arrangement with a...


The Super Bender is the third addition to the Manlay Sound line up. We simply called it “Super Bender” in honor to the Sola Sound “Tone Bender MKII Professional” and...

The Stargazer

The best term to describe the tone of the Stargazer is "musical." The Stargazer does not attempt to emulate a specific reverb type. The goal was to create a reverb...

The Starlite

The release of this pedal marks a giant leap forward in the world of time-based effects and will revolutionize how you use and experience reverb.
The Starlite is...

The Wash - V2 (Manual)

It accomplishes the arduous task of creating an organic, below-the-mix wash.  Normally this requires stacking 3-4 reverb and delay pedals at the end of your chain....

The Field Marshall

The FIELD MARSHAL is a MKII version of the Big Cheese fuzz. Smaller, louder and more tonally flexible than the original it sits perfectly on a modern pedalboard. The...


A 180 page hardback clothbound book featuring photographs of Warpaint taken over 7 years on the road by their tour manager and photographer, Robin Laananen.

Yankee HS-M24

Output config:
Section I – VII 9V DC 400mA
Section VIII – IX 9V DC 600mA + 12V DC 350mA
Section X - 9V, 12V or 14V AC 1300mA

Yankee PS-M0

Output config:
Section I - 1 output, 9V DC, 900 mA
Section II - 1 output, 9V DC, 900 mA
Ability to change the location of the power cable slot (up or...

Yankee PS-M1

Output config:
Section I - 5 outputs, 9V DC, 1200 mA
Section II - 5 outputs, 9V DC, 1200 mA
Ability to change the location of the power...