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Patchulator 8000
137,40 €

Whatever it is that you can brainstorm - guitar pedals and studio effects, synths and samplers, grooveboxes and drum machines, modulars and modulation signals, mixers...

96,75 €

Connect MIDI Baby to your computer using the supplied USB cable, then launch our intuitive web configuration tool. You can then configure MIDI Baby to send a wide...

104,88 €

The DMC.micro uses our advanced Gen3 technology in a tiny package – just 93 x 38 x 42mm. The DMC.micro user interface is incredibly simple – tap the left or right...

MIDI Baby 3
137,40 €

MIDI Baby 3 works like three MIDI Babies in a single enclosure – three footswitches, three LEDs, triple the programmability. Connect MIDI Baby 3 to your computer using...

191,06 €

The Radial JDI is a passive direct box designed to handle extreme signal levels without distortion of any kind. At the heart, the Radial JDI employs the world class...

162,60 €

The J48 is a high performance active direct box for live concert touring and professional recording studio applications, with the ability to handle extreme transients...

166,67 €

Reamp for professionals

Following the critically acclaimed Radial JD7™ Injector, the X-Amp employs a unique class-A circuit design that...