Stratgear is a new strategy for your gear! has available some really nice handcrafted electronics for music production, that you probably won't find on the street stores next to you.

We prefer to deal with:
• Small batches of handmade gear > better > than mass-production ones.
• The persons who handcrafted the products that we sell > better > than a huge sales department.
• Point-to-point and hand-wiring > better > than automation.
• Analog > better > than digital
Porto, home of the vintage!

We are based in a truly "vintage" town (Porto, Portugal) and although we don't own a physical shop downtown, we tend to like all kinds of vintage stuff, including Port, of course. That's why we usually have in stock a good selection of pedals, inspired by vintage tones, sometimes including some new old stock (NOS) components inside, that still hold so much mojo and fun.

Recycling tone, since 2012

We've always been focused on the three R's policy, applied to music technology, why should this be so important? When you chose to buy handcrafted gear, you will contribute to:
• Reduce mass production
• Reuse gear
• Recycle tone
Stratgear Collection is another web space run by us, where we can help you to privately sell/trade your used guitar pedals, as long as they are old enough or they are sexy enough. Fill this form if you need help on a pedal appraisal.