DP-01 Frequency Sustainer (6618)

  • €166.67

VAT/IVA incl.

High quality fuzz tones presented in a compact and contemporary format, made by D*A*M

Brand :
Emanating Fist Electronics
Handmade in :
Power :
DC 9V only (not included)
Circuit :
Triangle Big Muff
Stock :
out of stock



Constructed in a rugged 120mm x 100mm x 30mm die-cast aluminum enclosure the DP-01 is a miniaturized offering of our four stage high gain silicon fuzz, the Dope Priest. The DP-01 features quality hardware and components through-out offering solid performance in both sonic delivery and road worthiness.

Based upon a 1972 triangle Big Muff circuit. The 6618 offers the highest gain of the three DP-01 types delivering intense distortion tones with a rich open low end and bright searing treble. The tone control gently scoops out the mids as the control is swung from full bass (right) to full treble (left) offering many shades of musical distortion. The 6618 is the most evenly balanced tonally of the three offering a broad spectrum of fuzz and distortion with distinctly aged flavour. The 6618 features a quad of gain matched BC337-16 silicon transistors and features a high bright yellow LED.

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