Yankee PS-M12

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VAT/IVA incl.

The Yankee Ps-M1 is a professional guitar effects DC 9V power supply. It has two fully isolated sections with 5 outputs (9V), delivering 1200mA each. Includes a LED USB lamp and cables, you can feed up to 10 effects.

Brand :
Handmade in :
Power :
230V / 50Hz



Output config:
Section I - 5 outputs, 9V DC, 1200 mA
Section II - 5 outputs, 9V DC, 1200 mA
Ability to change the location of the power cable slot (up or back). This allows even greater opportunity to match settings for a specific pedalboard. Two options position can be seen in the pictures.
Toroidal transformer:
It has very good quality secondary voltage and significantly less distortion. When you use the AC adapter no hum is heard.
Voltage stabilizer:
It provides stable voltage independent of mains voltage fluctuations.
Effective filter Voltage:
Very effective filter allows you to power even the most sensitive guitar effects. Short-circuit protection
Circuit protection:
Disconnects the output of which is shorted. This is important because of the special nature of these services results. They are likely to + out and it happens, for example. During a concert that upon contact with the metal casing of the effect of a short circuit. In this case, disconnect the power supply to the output will not be burnt and turn on cessation of the circuit.
Protection against overheating:
The power supply was used high-current limiting circuit, overheating of the heat sink.
USB out and LED lamp
Input voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions: 35mm x 130mm x 84mm (H x W x L)
Weight: 800 g