Yankee PS-M12

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VAT/IVA incl.

The Yankee Ps-M12 is a professional power supply able to deliver both DC and AC power to your effects pedals. It has three fully isolated sections with a total of nine outputs. Includes a LED USB lamp and cables.

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230V / 50Hz
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Output config:
Section I - 5 outputs, 9V DC, 1200 mA
Section II - 2 outputs with individual voltage regulation (6VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC and 24VDC), 600 mA
Section III - 2 outputs 9VAC + 12VAC (These two AC outputs can't be used simultaneously), 2000mA
Ability to change the location of the power cable slot (up or back). This allows even greater opportunity to match settings for a specific pedalboard. Two options position can be seen in the pictures.
Toroidal transformer:
It has very good quality secondary voltage and significantly less distortion. When you use the AC adapter no hum is heard.
Voltage stabilizer:
It provides stable voltage independent of mains voltage fluctuations.
Effective filter Voltage:
Very effective filter allows you to power even the most sensitive guitar effects. Short-circuit protection
Circuit protection:
Disconnects the output of which is shorted. This is important because of the special nature of these services results. They are likely to + out and it happens, for example. During a concert that upon contact with the metal casing of the effect of a short circuit. In this case, disconnect the power supply to the output will not be burnt and turn on cessation of the circuit.
Protection against overheating:
The power supply was used high-current limiting circuit, overheating of the heat sink.
USB out and LED lamp
Input voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions: 42mm x 135mm x 85mm (H x W x L)
Weight: 1000g 

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