Patchulator 8000

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Is your pedalboard brain-dead? The Patchulator 8000 pedalboard patchbay provides a tangle-free way to change the order of your effects to create new tones using little to no brainpower!

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Whatever it is that you can brainstorm - guitar pedals and studio effects, synths and samplers, grooveboxes and drum machines, modulars and modulation signals, mixers and recording interfaces - the Patchulator 8000 allows it all to interconnect.

Technical specs:
Aluminum octagon
5.25" x 5.25" x 1.5"
16 x 1/4" TRS jacks
16 x 1/8" TRS jacks
8 x 6" mono patch cables (stereo optional)

Package contents:
Patchulator 8000 patchbay
Set of 8 mini patch cables
Set of 4 rubber stick-on feet
User guide
Pkg weight: 1.25 lbs (567 g)