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The Little Gazer

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VAT/IVA incl.

The Little Gazer shares the same internal circuitry as it's dual-channel sibling The Stargazer, just as a single channel format.

Brand :
Hungry Robot
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Power :
DC 9V or battery (not included)
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out of stock



The best term to describe the tone of the Stargazer is "musical." The Stargazer does not attempt to emulate a specific reverb type. The goal was to create a reverb that sounds organic and that sits well within a mix or recording. The Stargazer was created with ambience in mind. Not only does it handle traditional reverb sounds, it also is capable of creating a deep, self-oscillating wash.

Unique to The Stargazer is what I have coined the "SPARKLE" switch. I wanted to create a feature that would give the same effect as shimmer without the unnatural sounding pitch shifting. The "SPARKLE" switch adds a sparkly overtone to the wet reverb signal to give it a "shimmery" quality without sounding digitized and processed.

The Stargazer is a true dual channel reverb allowing full manipulation of all three parameters on both channels. The right footswitch toggles between the two channels, allowing you to dial in two unique reverbs and switch seamlessly in a live performance.


The Little Gazer manual

The Little Gazer manual

Download (161.43k)

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